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The physical mechanisms that lead to the remarkable electron emission properties of single atom tips have been investigated. The primary tool used for this purpose has been large scale computer simulation. A simulation code has been developed to study a large variety of models...
Programme: FP2-SCIENCE
Record Number: 7270
Last updated on: 1998-01-19
Lateral complexity is often a consequence of adsorbate induced reconstruction. Application of the tensor low energy electron diffraction (LEED) methodology has had a striking impact on surface reconstruction. The added precision and particularly the reliability with which adso...
Programme: FP2-SCIENCE
Record Number: 12064
Last updated on: 1998-01-19
ID: SC1*0229
Start date: 1989-12-01, End date: 1993-05-31
Transport properties in nonlinear condensed matter physics will be studied theoretically and experimentally. In particular we will focus our attention on three major but related subjects : a) Biomolecular nonlinear dynamics, b) Bipolaron and Bisoliton mechanisms for high T...
Programme: FP2-SCIENCE
Record Number: 620
Last updated on: 1990-10-02
ID: SC1*0167
Start date: 1989-07-01, End date: 1992-06-30
Different but related areas of coordination chemistry were brought together to carry out research into a range of potential blocks for the assembly of materials with interesting magnetic properties. The physicochemical properties of new heteropolynuclear complexes have been s...
Programme: FP2-SCIENCE
Record Number: 580
Last updated on: 1990-10-02
ID: SC1*0070
Start date: 1989-01-01, End date: 1991-12-31
The research has led to the development of magnetotunnelling spectroscopy as a probe of the complicated energy versus momentum dispersion curves of bound hole states in the valence band quantum well. It has been applied to the measurement of the hole dispersion curves in alum...
Programme: FP2-SCIENCE
Record Number: 20289
Last updated on: 1990-10-02
ID: SC1*0017
Start date: 1989-04-01, End date: 1991-03-31
The twinning project involves a joint effort in: Studying improvements to these techniques to facilitate transferring them to different environments maintaining their effectiveness. It is expected that mathematical techniques would be easier to transfer, because of their sci...
Programme: FP2-SCIENCE
Record Number: 505
Last updated on: 1990-10-02
ID: SC1*0169
Start date: 1989-06-01, End date: 1992-05-31
The cross sections for positron impact ionization of atomic hydrogen have been measured from close to threshold up to a kinetic energy of 700 eV and compared to similar data for electron projectiles. The positron values are found to exceed those for electrons at intermediate ...
Programme: FP2-SCIENCE
Record Number: 582
Last updated on: 1990-10-02
ID: SC1*5109
Start date: 1991-10-01, End date: 1993-09-30
Programme: FP2-SCIENCE
Record Number: 3770
Last updated on: 1991-06-02
ID: SC1*0046
Start date: 1989-01-01, End date: 1991-12-31
The results from the single crystal infrared reflectivity study of pure Mg2SiO4 forsterite and Mg0.86Fe0.14)2SiO4 olivine were published in The Journal Physics and Chemistry of Minerals (19.92). Polarized infrared reflectance spectra of these compounds were measured from 5000...
Programme: FP2-SCIENCE
Record Number: 533
Last updated on: 1990-10-02
ID: SC1*0335
Start date: 1990-05-01, End date: 1995-04-30
Two new approaches will be developed for the characterization of primary photosynthetic reactions by vibrational spectroscopy. Firstly, using recent advances in protein spectroelectrochemistry, the changes of redox states of the cofactors within the bacterial RC will be driv...
Programme: FP2-SCIENCE
Record Number: 650
Last updated on: 1990-10-02
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