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ID: 5510
Start date: 1990-10-29, End date: 1992-12-28
VOICE's main objectives are to: - Demonstrate that the Open System Architecture proposed in the CIM-OSA project (2422 and 5288) is a suitable framework for integration and overall optimisation of manufacturing systems. - Carry out practical experimentation and validation of...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 8692
Last updated on: 1994-06-17
ID: 5170
Start date: 1990-10-02, End date: 1993-04-01
STATLOG has completed an evaluation of the performance of machine learning, neural and statistical algorithms on large-scale, complex commercial and industrial problems. The overall aim has been to give an objective assessment of the potential for classification algorithms in ...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 8791
Last updated on: 1994-06-17
ID: 3279
Start date: 1989-04-01, End date: 1992-05-31
Recent theoretical and experimental work on speech production strongly indicates the need for a comprehensive cross-language programme of basic research to expand knowledge of the language-specific and language-independent regularities involved. For many applications in speec...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 8258
Last updated on: 1994-08-19
[PROJECT] DEEP-UV - Deep UV Lithography
ID: 2048
Start date: 1988-11-01, End date: 1991-10-31
To remain competitive, the European industry must have production capability for minimum details below 0.5 micron in the early 1990s, with the potential to extend down to 0.25 micron in the mid-1990s. Many production requirements must be addressed for this increased integratio...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 8506
Last updated on: 1994-06-17
[PROJECT] SUNDIAL - Speech Understanding and Dialogue
ID: 2218
Start date: 1988-09-01, End date: 1993-08-31
SUNDIAL addresses the problem of speech-based cooperative dialogue as an interface for computer-based information services. The main technologies to be developed are continuous speech recognition and understanding, and oral dialogue modelling and management.
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 8371
Last updated on: 1994-06-17
ID: 5397
Start date: 1988-12-05, End date: 1992-12-04
The SPIRIT Workstation project aims to design and build a high-performance workstation to support computationally demanding activities in computer-aided engineering, image processing, graphical interaction, modelling and simulation. The project also aims to facilitate the deve...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 8725
Last updated on: 1994-06-17
ID: 3264
Start date: 1989-03-01, End date: 1992-02-29
An industry of interchangeable and widely marketable software components in Europe is only possible if the functionality of a component can be precisely specified and the implementation (which should remain hidden) can be relied upon to implement this specification correctly. ...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 8268
Last updated on: 1994-08-19
ID: 2466
Start date: 1989-03-01, End date: 1992-02-28
The objective of KWICK were to develop a prototype of a system that provides the knowledge worker with the necessary tools to increase his productivity and the quality of his or her work, that enables the collection and surveying of relevant knowledge in a heterogeneous enviro...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 8597
Last updated on: 1994-06-17
[PROJECT] ADCIS - Analogue/Digital CMOS ICs
ID: 2193
Start date: 1989-01-16, End date: 1992-01-15
The integration of analogue and digital functions on a single chip is necessary for the development of new information technologies for data communications, industrial applications and consumer products. The primary objective of ADCIS was the adaptation and characterisation ...
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 8512
Last updated on: 1994-06-17
ID: 2165
Start date: 1989-02-15, End date: 1992-02-14
The objective of this project is to develop and demonstrate a new generation of integrated modelling systems for product design and process planning, including machine control data generation.
Programme: FP2-ESPRIT 2
Record Number: 8286
Last updated on: 1993-06-17
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