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A combined microbicidal-immunizing strategy against SIV and HIV infection
ID: 36928
Start date: 2007-05-01, End date: 2009-10-31
The objective of the proposed project is to establish proof of concept that a tri-molecular construct, consisting of MHC antigens combined with microbial HSP70 and extracellular CCR5 can be utilized in microbicidal, preventive and therapeutic immunisation. This strategy utiliz...
Record Number: 86276
Last updated on: 2009-05-20
Mucosal nano vaccine candidate for HIV
ID: 37200
Start date: 2007-01-01, End date: 2010-06-30
The MuNanoVac STREP project will assess a new vaccine strategy to prevent HIV-1 infection based on a primo-vaccination using a biodegradable synthetic colloidal carrier made of poly-lactic acid (PLA) nanoparticles covered with adsorbed antigens. The aim is to demonstrate th...
Record Number: 84942
Last updated on: 2010-08-06
Priorities for mouse functional genomics research across Europe: integrating and strengthening research in Europe
ID: 5283
Start date: 2005-03-01, End date: 2008-02-29
The aim of PRIME is to form a durable integration of research capabilities and resource centres across Europe in the field of mouse functional genomics.Mouse functional genomics in Europe is internationally competitive,but needs further integration across Europe to build on th...
Record Number: 84628
Last updated on: 2011-01-13
Pathophysiology of the cartilage growth plate
ID: 37471
Start date: 2007-05-01, End date: 2010-04-30
The chondrodysplasias are an extremely diverse and complex group of rare genetic disorders, which affect the development of the skeleton. There are over 200 unique and well-characterised phenotypes, which range in severity from relatively mild to severe and lethal forms. They ...
Record Number: 86496
Last updated on: 2009-12-17
Accommodating Creative Knowledge: Competitiveness of European Metropolitan Regions Within the Enlarged Union
ID: 28270
Start date: 2006-10-01, End date: 2010-09-30
In this project we aim to assess the impact of the emerging "creative class" and the rise of the "creative industries" on the competitiveness of EU metropolitan regions. While the traditional "hard" location factors that firms use will remain important for international compet...
Record Number: 91134
Last updated on: 2010-09-30
Development of early non-invasive biomarkers and means for the diagnosis and progression monitoring of pre-eclampsia and tailoring putative therapies
ID: 37244
Start date: 2006-12-01, End date: 2009-11-30
Preeclampsia (PET), de-novo hypertension & proteinuria after mid gestation, affects 5-7% of all pregnancies. Cases may develop life threatening haemolysis-elevated liver enzymes-low platelets (HELLP) or renal failure, cerebral haemorrhages & eclampsia, IUGR, placental abruptio...
Record Number: 84948
Last updated on: 2010-03-02
Systematic functional analysis of intracellular parasitism as a model of genomes conflict
ID: 37231
Start date: 2007-09-01, End date: 2011-02-28
The research program is a multidisciplinary functional genomics approach to study fundamental biological processes relevant to human health and to develop bioinformatics tools in systems biology. It will decipher the complex regulatory networks that control basic cellular proc...
Record Number: 86494
Last updated on: 2011-03-01
Development of new and cost effective methods for non-invasive diagnosis of human pathogens
ID: 37212
Start date: 2007-01-01, End date: 2010-02-28
Infectious diseases continue to be a serious burden around the world, in both developing and industrialised countries. The present reality is that public health and medical communities are inadequately prepared. We must do more to improve our ability to prevent, detect, and co...
Record Number: 84943
Last updated on: 2010-10-07
Entrainment of the circadian clock
ID: 18741
Start date: 2006-01-01, End date: 2011-06-30
The circadian clock is a basic biological process that enables organisms to anticipate daily environmental changes by adjusting behavior, physiology and gene regulation. It impacts health and quality of life in regulating sleep and well-being, in the consequences of shift-work...
Record Number: 84810
Last updated on: 2011-07-01
Development of a new DNA array-based diagnostic system (IBDchip) to predict clinical course, development of complications, and response to therapy in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
ID: 37319
Start date: 2006-12-01, End date: 2010-05-31
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) includes Crohn's disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC). Both are increasingly common, chronic illnesses, currently affecting nearly 1 million patients in Europe. CD and UC affect patients early in life, seriously impairing their quality of l...
Record Number: 84963
Last updated on: 2010-07-05
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