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New tools for genetic engineering using targeted integration vectors application to agronomy food safety and gene therapy
ID: 29025
Start date: 2006-07-01, End date: 2009-12-31
The overall objectives of the INTEGRA project is to develop new genetic engineering tools that will permit targeted integration of a transgene into the genome of the desired eukaryotic organism. This project will allow the easy and rapid generation of transgenic knock out or k...
Programme: FP6-POLICIES
Record Number: 90894
Last updated on: 2010-10-15
Final Report Summary - SPHERE (Strengthening public health research in Europe: call SSP-3)
The SPHERE project was established in response to a call from the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) of the European Commission's Directorate for Research in October 2003. It was a collaboration of 19 partners in 13 European countries, which engaged public health colleagues acros...
Programme: FP6-POLICIES
Record Number: 51776
Last updated on: 2012-06-20
Final Report Summary - SURVENIR (Near Infrared Spectroscopy Tool for Collection Surveying)
Most of humanity's memory is contained on paper. In order to successfully manage the information and make it continuously available, we need to monitor and understand the quality and stability of historical paper. The principal aim of the SURVENIR project was to develop a non-...
Programme: FP6-POLICIES
Record Number: 52028
Last updated on: 2012-10-03
Final Report Summary - VIROBATHE (Methods for the concentration and detection of adenoviruses and noroviruses in European bathing waters with reference to the revision of the bathing water ...)
The ultimate aim of the VIROBATHE project was to provide a reliable method for the analysis of the European Union's recreational waters in order to detect noroviruses and adenoviruses. Therefore, the objectives of the project were to: - compare methods for norovirus and aden...
Programme: FP6-POLICIES
Record Number: 51774
Last updated on: 2012-10-03
Final Report Summary - DIS-QOL (Quality of care and quality of life for people with intellectual and physical disabilities)
The DIS-QPL project was designed to investigate the quality of care and quality of life of people with disabilities in relation to developments in social policy and typical examples of service practice, and focused on the subjective experience of individuals with disabilities ...
Programme: FP6-POLICIES
Record Number: 51782
Last updated on: 2011-04-14
Guideline on the possibilities to link HBM with environment and health data
This result provides an overview of: - The available data on pollutant concentrations in air, water, food (quality and quantity) and other relevant environmental compartment as sources of exposure; - The past and current projects dealing with health data for the 4 key health...
Programme: FP6-POLICIES
Record Number: 44531
Last updated on: 2008-01-15
Ethical issues related to present and future biomonitoring programs in EU countries by describing rules and practices in a number of countries and by organising a workshop
Workpackage 4 concentrated on ethical issues related to present and future bio-monitoring programs in EU countries by describing rules and practices in a number of countries and by organising a workshop. Special supplementary issue of the web based journal Environmental Health...
Programme: FP6-POLICIES
Record Number: 44525
Last updated on: 2009-02-19
Questionnaire to be used in a EU Human Biomonitoring Pilot Study
Conducting a human biomonitoring study it is essential to gather additional information on potential exposure pathways, behaviour and socio-demography. In the framework of ESBIO a suitable questionnaire was developed and reached a ready to use status. The questionnaire was div...
Programme: FP6-POLICIES
Record Number: 44527
Last updated on: 2008-01-15
Concept for communication accompanying a HBM pilot project
In order to accompany a European human bio-monitoring pilot project a communication strategy has to follow four main principles: - There should be no double work between the involved actors - There should be a close coordination with other EU activities in the field of E&H -...
Programme: FP6-POLICIES
Record Number: 44523
Last updated on: 2009-01-12
Final Report Summary - MED_REO_NET (Surveillance network of reoviruses, bluetongue and African horse sickness, in the Mediterranean basin and Europe)
The strategic objectives of the MED_REO_NET project were to further expand our knowledge of the epidemiology of bluetongue, African horse sickness and epizootic haemorrhagic disease in the Mediterranean Basin and Europe and to apply this knowledge to optimise the surveillance ...
Programme: FP6-POLICIES
Record Number: 52966
Last updated on: 2011-11-23
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