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Aerospace Technology (172)
Agriculture (1192)
Biofuels (8)
Biotechnology (906)
Business aspects (6)
Climate change and Carbon cycle research (2)
Construction Technology (22)
Coordination and Cooperation (1237)
Earth Sciences (382)
Economic Aspects (3550)
Education and Training (1505)
Electronics and Microelectronics (354)
Employment issues (465)
Energy Saving (829)
Energy Storage and Energy Transport (14)
Environmental Protection (3880)
Evaluation (7)
Food (590)
Forecasting (485)
Fossil Fuels (2)
Hydrogen and fuel cells (20)
Industrial Manufacture (2143)
Information Processing and Information Systems (767)
Information and Media (63)
Information and communication technology applications (2)
Innovation and Technology Transfer (1991)
Legislation and Regulations (15)
Life Sciences (2696)
Materials Technology (788)
Mathematics and Statistics (4)
Measurement Methods (89)
Medical biotechnology (1)
Medicine and Health (1999)
Meteorology (785)
Nanotechnology and Nanosciences (17)
Network technologies (15)
Nuclear Fission (8)
Nuclear Fusion (2)
Other Energy Topics (10)
Other Technology (59)
Physical sciences and engineering (281)
Policies (107)
Radiation Protection (7)
Radioactive Waste (5)
Reference Materials (84)
Regional Development (107)
Renewable Sources of Energy (345)
Research ethics (19)
Resources of the Sea and Fisheries (1233)
Safety (1852)
Scientific Research (11479)
Security (3)
Social sciences and humanities (1713)
Standards (14)
Sustainable development (6)
Telecommunications (567)
Transport (917)
Veterinary and animal sciences (1)
Waste Management (600)



Argentina (15)
Armenia (1)
Australia (8)
Austria (591)
Belarus (1)
Belgium (750)
Bolivia (1)
Brazil (3)
Bulgaria (72)
Burkina Faso (1)
Cameroon (1)
Canada (4)
Chile (2)
China (32)
Croatia (21)
Cyprus (52)
Czech Republic (115)
Denmark (608)
Egypt (5)
Estonia (55)
Faeroe Islands (1)
Finland (368)
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1)
France (2550)
Georgia (3)
Germany (2984)
Ghana (2)
Greece (606)
Hungary (202)
Iceland (43)
India (14)
Ireland (416)
Israel (445)
Italy (1838)
Jordan (2)
Kazakhstan (1)
Kenya (3)
Kyrgyzstan (1)
Latvia (22)
Libya (1)
Lithuania (40)
Luxembourg (15)
Mali (1)
Malta (9)
Mexico (3)
Moldova (2)
Monaco (2)
Montenegro (3)
Morocco (1)
Netherlands (1435)
New Caledonia (1)
New Zealand (2)
Niger (9)
Norway (399)
Poland (314)
Portugal (302)
Romania (74)
Russia (36)
Senegal (1)
Serbia (14)
Seychelles (2)
Sierra Leone (3)
Singapore (1)
Slovakia (42)
Slovenia (81)
South Africa (4)
South Korea (3)
Spain (1994)
Sweden (656)
Switzerland (688)
Syria (1)
Thailand (7)
Tunisia (1)
Turkey (229)
Uganda (1)
Ukraine (5)
United Kingdom (4276)
United States (15)
Uruguay (3)
Uzbekistan (1)

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The AgedBrainSYSBIO project provided novel results on: I. Integration of multiple-level datasets to identify interacting protein networks including recent Late-Onset Alzheimer Disease- Genome Wide Association Studies (LOAD-GWAS) data Integration of various data types by...
Programme: FP7-HEALTH
Record Number: 213916
Last updated on: 2018-02-09
Final Report Summary - ERCAREER (Capturing career paths of ERC grantees and applicants)
Excellence is a non-negotiable in science, as a necessary condition for success in terms of careers and funding. Scientific excellence is the sole criterion on the basis of which European Research Council (ERC) frontier research grants are awarded. The ERC's peer review...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 218569
Last updated on: 2018-02-02
Final Report Summary - DECARBIT (Enabling advanced pre-combustion capture techniques and plants)
FINAL PUBLISHABLE SUMMARY DECARBit responds to the current call by performing research, development and piloting of advanced pre-combustion CO2 capture technologies which will substantially reduce emissions of greenhouse gases from fossil fuel power plants. This can be...
Programme: FP7-ENERGY
Record Number: 217004
Last updated on: 2018-01-25
Final Report Summary - EIPOD (European Molecular Biology Laboratory Interdisciplinary Postdocs)
Executive summary: The European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) has a strong tradition in promoting interdisciplinary basic research in molecular biology. With over 85 laboratories in eight Research Units at five facilities in four European countries, working on topics...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 217014
Last updated on: 2018-01-25
Final Report Summary - SYNTHESYS (Synthesis of Systematic Resources)
SYNTHESYS has created a shared, high-quality approach to the management, preservation, and access to leading European natural history collections. These collections are a physical infrastructure supporting a variety of research including the impact of human activity on the...
Record Number: 217008
Last updated on: 2018-01-25
SOMMACT develops and validates an innovative production hardware and control system founded on understanding, evaluating and controlling large machine tools production performances. Small and single batch production, particularly for large (some cubic metres), heavy (several...
Programme: FP7-NMP
Record Number: 216410
Last updated on: 2018-01-25
Final Report Summary - NEXTFACTORY (All-in-one manufacturing platform for system in package and micromechatronic systems)
Mass customization will grow important for many different markets and the ability of fast prototyping is key to be competitive in fast changing and growing technological fields. Both facts are also relevant for microsystems of different types. Additive manufacturing (AM) could...
Programme: FP7-NMP
Record Number: 213913
Last updated on: 2018-01-16
Final Report Summary - FOAM-BUILD (Functional Adaptive nano-Materials and technologies for energy efficient BUILDings)
The first external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) was built over 50 years ago in Berlin, and the systems have since then become common throughout the EU. An ETICS is a useful protection of the façade and a versatile element when it comes to retrofitting: ETICS...
Programme: FP7-NMP
Record Number: 213900
Last updated on: 2018-01-16
Periodic Report Summary 3 - COPE (Consortium on Organ Preservation in Europe)
Project Context and Objectives: The discrepancy between organ supply and demand remains the biggest challenge facing the transplant community today. In order to increase the amount of available donor organs, transplant specialists are increasingly turning to sub-optimal donor...
Programme: FP7-HEALTH
Record Number: 213907
Last updated on: 2018-01-16
Final Report Summary - EVOLVE (Evolved materials and innovative design for high-performance, durable and reliable SOFC cell and stack)
Beyond the state of the art, the EVOLVE cell concept aims at combining the beneficial characteristics of the previous cell generations, the so called Anode Supported Cells (ASC) and Metals Supported Cells (MSC) while tackling key challenges like sulfur poisoning and redox...
Programme: FP7-JTI
Record Number: 213889
Last updated on: 2018-01-15
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