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[RÉSUMÉ DE RAPPORT] Technical infrastructure migration
VVAA Groep BV is a Dutch company providing business, advice insurance, and financial products and services for the (para)medical professionals in the Netherlands. In view of reorganizing the company from a functional hierarchical bureaucracy into a client focused and applicati...
Programme: FP3-ESSI 1
Record Number: 21032
Last updated on: 1998-09-01
ID: 10407
Date de début: 1994-07-01, Date de fin: 1995-12-31
Micro controllers for industrial and automotive use have to solve complex problems in real time, with high efficiency and robustness. The limited resources of the target system (memory, display, interface, space) request a high degree of optimisation) in program size and exe...
Programme: FP3-ESSI 1
Record Number: 23522
Last updated on: 1995-02-10
ID: 10475
Date de début: 1994-07-01, Date de fin: 1995-03-31
ENCRESS aims to establish a focused Special Interest Group (SIG) in the area of software and systems safety and reliability, comprising a network of clubs operating in individual member states. Each club will be based on a model which has been a proven success for nine years...
Programme: FP3-ESSI 1
Record Number: 23587
Last updated on: 1995-02-10
The ENCRESS network is a collection of national community clubs throughout the European Union. These groups provide access to well over 5,000 individuals with a specific interest and involvement with the safety and/or reliability issues of software-intensive systems. Membershi...
Programme: FP3-ESSI 1
Record Number: 23104
Last updated on: 1999-08-13
ID: 10438
Date de début: 1994-01-03, Date de fin: 1995-05-02
The application experiment will be performed on a next generation of products with a known background both in terms of application domain and in terms of development environment. In the course of development of the previous generations error logs have been generated. These e...
Programme: FP3-ESSI 1
Record Number: 23523
Last updated on: 1995-02-10
Testing is a vital part of all software development but is a time consuming task, which hardly ever cleans out all the bugs in the software. The PET project approaches the testing problem by analysing problem reports from earlier versions of a specific software project and the...
Programme: FP3-ESSI 1
Record Number: 23042
Last updated on: 1999-08-13
ID: 1842
Date de début: 1994-06-27, Date de fin: 1995-12-26
THOMSON-CSF develops complex systems in which the part played by software components is becoming increasingly important. In consequence, the company must ensure its position at the leading edge of scientific and technical software development. One of the most effective mean...
Programme: FP3-ESSI 1
Record Number: 23578
Last updated on: 1995-02-10
ID: 10745
Date de début: 1994-01-01, Date de fin: 1995-02-28
For companies operating in financial services such as insurance companies, information processing is a vital part of their core business. Migration from an old static development environment to a new state-of-the-art environment therefore demands consideration. In the conte...
Programme: FP3-ESSI 1
Record Number: 23565
Last updated on: 1995-02-10
ID: 10495
Date de début: 1995-07-01
The objective of the action is to ensure that companies in the community, both Sweden and theEuropean Community, are aware of the experiences that we get from the application experiment Development of an object-oriented framework for vessel control systems (DOVER). The fact ...
Programme: FP3-ESSI 1
Record Number: 23537
Last updated on: 1995-02-10
ID: 10760
Date de début: 1994-06-03, Date de fin: 1995-12-02
The main objective of the application experiment is the adaptation and integration of state-of-the art methodologies and tools for s/w engineering practice, for the purpose of improving the current process of software development in the area of educational and training mmedi...
Programme: FP3-ESSI 1
Record Number: 23567
Last updated on: 1995-02-10
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