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Innovative Solutions to Eliminate Domestic Abuse


D7.1 Quality and Risk Management Plan

The Quality and Risk Management Plan is meant to ensure the high quality of ISEDA’s socio-technological developments and of the deliverables produced in the project as well as indicators to measure and document the effectiveness of the project actions compared to the initial proposal and objectives. It will also contain a more comprehensive Risk Management and Mitigation section, which will outline procedures on how to assess, mitigate, and monitor risks that may occur during the lifetime of the project.

D3.1 Deployment and Evaluation Protocol

GCU and UA will perform a preliminary research and analysis on existing DV apps in order to identify best methodologies and practices. Based on the results of this research and on the legal requirements identified in T1.1.3, a Deployment and Evaluation Protocol (D3.1) will be drafted, which will include the (1) guidelines for a safe, ethical and legal deployment of the chatbot; (2) the protocol to be followed in case of failure/problem with the chatbot; (3) a list of indicators for the evaluation; (4) rule for dialogue supervision organisation, continuous chatbot training and dialogue improvement.

D6.1 Dissemination and Communication Plan

A Dissemination and Communication Plan will be drafted by EQY with contributions from all partners, defining the communication and dissemination goals, target audiences and the main messages to be conveyed. As a dynamic document, its first version will be released in M6 and constantly updated throughout the project lifetime. The dissemination approach will be further refined at the midterm stage of project implementation collaboratively with CoP members. The dissemination activities will be continuously monitored and adjusted according to emerging needs. The final version of the DC plan will be issued in M36.

D1.1 Report on the Pilot Sites and Follower Territories DV Eco-systems

UA will prepare a report on the Pilot Sites' and Follower Territories' DV Eco-systems, based on input from partners in the countries - national academic and CSO partners for the PSs – BG (DEMA), GR (KEMEA) and ES (UA) with the support of PAs, and for the FT - IT (CAM), Scotland-UK (GCU), CY (SPAVO), FI (TAU). The report will represent a state-of-the-art comprehensive understanding on DV in the countries, providing information on related stakeholders and services, notably crime reporting technologies and support services, investigation and prevention policies and measures.

D1.2. Roadmap for development of ISEDA solutions

Based on D1.1. and the results from the FG implementation, as well as the analysis of cultural specificities and legislations of the PS, a roadmap for the development of ISEDA solutions will be developed. The document will detail the types of awareness raising campaigns and education programs, which will be implemented, but also define the training scenarios and use-cases specifications related to the chatbot and the data platform.

D7.2. Data Management Ethics and Security Plan

The Data Management, Ethics and Security Plan (D7.2) will define the project’s (1) data management rules concerning data collection, storage, curation and protection in line with EU legislation (GDPR 679/2016) and 2007 INSPIRE Directive (L 108/1–14), (2) ethics requirements concerning human participation and protocol for the protection of personal data of FGs and victims involved in the chatbot and training pilot and evaluation, (3) Security assurance rules and access to data for the parties involved between the different platforms of the solution.

D6.2 ISEDA website

A project website will be developed and maintained by EQY with the support of all partners. It will provide general information about the project developments and showcase all results.

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