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Find information on all public research projects funded by the EU under its framework programmes since the 1980s. Data includes participants, results, reports, deliverables and links to open-access publications.

Horizon Collaboration Network

An interactive map that unveils the connections within EU research funded by the Horizon framework programmes

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Explore and discover the collaborative network of organisations participating in Horizon projects

Project of the month

Every month we select a project that has particular potential for innovation in its field of science

Project of the month
Innovative solutions for safe and sustainable coatings
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29 May 2024

Life after...

What happened next? Find out how a project team has taken their research or product further after the end of the project

Life after...
Catching up with EuroSea: Filling scientific knowledge gaps for better ocean management
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31 May 2024

Visualisation and analysis tools

A powerful analytical tool to explore project and proposal data and other related statistics

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Datasets of all projects and participating organisations funded under Horizon Europe or Horizon 2020

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Search and filter all Horizon projects, along with their related report summaries, deliverables and publications

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