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You will need to have an EU Login account to access certain CORDIS services like digital/print subscriptions, saved searches, and email notifications.

To create a new CORDIS profile, simply use your EU Login email and password to sign in.

If you already had a profile before CORDIS moved to EU Login and you are using the same email address, then you can just sign in with your EU Login email and password.

If your EU Login account uses a different email address to the one you used to sign into CORDIS before, you will no longer be able to access your old profile on CORDIS. You can create a new profile or contact the help desk to change your old CORDIS email address.

When you create a new CORDIS profile, you will asked to first create your EU Login account.

If you had a CORDIS profile before, make sure you use the same email address when you create your EU Login account. This will allow you to continue to access your CORDIS profile and services.

EU Login will also allow you sign into other EU websites such as the Funding & Tenders portal and the EU Publications website.

This information is stored on EU Login and can be changed through your EU Login account.

Each time you log into CORDIS, your email address, first and last names are copied across from EU Login. You will need to log out and log in again if you want any changes to be effective immediately on CORDIS.

For other questions related to your account, please also consult the EU Login help pages (or these help pages for European Commission users).

You sign up for digital (email notification) subscriptions for new publications and articles on CORDIS.

Your email subscription will only include publications and articles tagged with your domains of interest.

Save your query directly in the search function and turn on notifications to get a weekly email for any matching new or updated content on CORDIS. You can also get an RSS feed for your saved search. An overview of your queries and notifications also is available through My Saved Searches.

You can also go to My Subscriptions to get email alerts for publications and articles about EU projects in your domain of interest.

You can use RSS web feeds to keep up with new or updated content in your RSS reader or aggregator or to integrate CORDIS content in your website. RSS format is also available for search results.

CORDIS has a single search service that provides a range of simple and more advanced functions.

You can search by term (word) and combine it with filters that apply to all or certain content collections. 'Edit query' allows you to use advanced search syntax like boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT).

Search results can be sorted, saved as a query for email notification or RSS feeds, downloaded in XML or CSV format or added to a PDF booklet.

The European Union encourages the reuse of public sector information and CORDIS provides its data in a range of free, open and machine-readable formats, subject to copyright conditions.

Datasets of all projects from each framework programme can be downloaded from, along with related reference data. These bulk downloads are available in XML, CSV and XLS formats.

You can also reuse data directly from CORDIS via RSS feeds or search results in XML or CSV.

If you have any further data needs, like a custom extraction or specific questions, please contact the CORDIS Help Desk.

Find old CORDIS web pages and publications going back to when the first CORDIS website went online in 1994.